Terms of Service
You must agree to the following to commission me.
I retain all artistic copyrights to use/post my art off and online. I keep a copy of the completed model and art assets for portfolio and marketing reasons, including videos, advertising, WIP posts, fanart and merch I sell. This applies no matter who owns the character.

Credit must be given to me in your Twitter bio or a permanent spot on your streaming platform (ex: Twitch Panels) as long as you use the model. This requirement extends to any new owners of the model in the future.

Payment is done half now, half at the end.
I am willing to negotiate payment plans. 
Final Files are only given to you after payment is complete.
They include a .pdf explaining how to install. 

I can help you set up the files personally via Discord Call.

You will have unlimited revisions during the Sketch Phase, limited revisions during the Painting/Rendering Phase, unlimited revisions during the Coloring Phase, and very limited revisions during the Final Edits Phase. During each phase, I will be very clear when you need to pay extra for a revision due to complexity.

Deadlines & Delivery
I accept 3 Commissions per month. This guarantees you receive your order quickly.​​​​​​​ I only queue 3 months out, rush orders are not available. I work first come first serve.

I provide a private Google Drive link to download your files.

I never give clients the cmo3 file.

Files You're Getting depend on your Service Type:
.zip ready to load into Vtube Studio or PNGTuber program
.png files ready for OBS and Web/Social Media
3500x8000px~ .psd for Live2D Cubism

All work is allowed for commercial use, incl. merch. You keep all profits for merch you make of characters and assets I design for your commission. No royalties necessary.

Intellectual Property Rights
I should be notified when ownership of the model has changed hands (Sold, given or traded).

You can resell the model and art assets without my permission, but you can’t claim you made them. You must credit me when transferring ownership. It is up to the current rights holder to negotiate their ability to use the character or sell merch after the sale.

I will not resell your model or assets in their original form for others to use for streaming or media production. No one else but the current rights holder of the character can be that character in any official capacity. It is up to them to allow fan works of their model.

I can’t sell merch for a rig whose art was made by other artists. I can still make fanart and post it without issue. I can also use the model for marketing and portfolio reasons to showcase my rigging. I will always credit the artist.

Both you and I can cancel commissions at any time. I refund at a $20hr rate, keeping what I worked.

I prefer to start with a Discord Call, but email works too. Our first conversation decides update schedule and answers any questions I have about your order.

Most commissions only take a couple weeks, but I schedule them for 2 months to cover any issues.
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