Character Design
$900 Art (No Rigging)
- One outfit and hairstyle.
- 5 Expressions of your choice (crying, scared, etc)
- Art changes requested by your rigger are free.
- Approx. 1-2 week completion per outfit.
Add Ons
Drawing Pad
Gaming Controller
Extra Hairstyle
Extra Color Palette
Extra Facial Expression
Extra Outfit
- Approx. 2-14 days added to completion time per add on.
PNGTuberPlus Rig
$350 Art + Rigging
- One pose, 3 variants (Happy, Mad, Sad)
- Animated mouth + blink.
- Approx. 1-2 week completion.
Live2D Cubism Vtuber Rig
$1600 Rigging Only
$2500 Art + Rigging
- Head + Body XYZ
- Full physics (eyes, hair, breasts, clothes, limbs)​​​​​​​
- Approx. 5-7 weeks completion after I begin your order.
Themes I Prefer
• Sci Fi    • Goth/Punk    • Monster Girl    • Halloween
I always stream and post WIPs unless asked not to.
I only accept 3 commissions per month.
I only queue 3 months out.
I never give clients the cmo3 file.
Files You're Getting
Depending on your service type:
.zip ready to load into Vtube Studio or PNGTuber program you choose
.png files ready for OBS and Web/Social Media
3500x8000px~ .psd for Live2D Cubism
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